New Insights From Resonate: Millennials Are Buying Fewer Cars, but Not for the Reasons Most Believe

Resonate, the only company that lets marketers act on why people make decisions, has revealed key motivations behind why millennials are buying fewer cars. And, contrary to many of the reasons cited in hundreds of articles and reports, the bottom line is clear – they don’t have enough money to buy vehicles due to the continuing weak economy.

Delivered this morning by CEO Bryan Gernert at the J.D. Power 2013 Automotive Marketing Roundtable, the new insights show that 10% more millennials are unemployed, while 14% are underemployed as compared to the adult online population, making it difficult to purchase a car. The research also unearths what millennials value when they do buy vehicles, providing guidance to auto industry marketers on how to best reach them.

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