About Revolution

Our Story

We are founders, operators, and investors translating our shared experiences to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of transformative companies in cities across the U.S. Through our family of funds – Revolution's Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, Revolution Ventures, and Revolution Growth – Revolution partners with entrepreneurs at every stage of the entrepreneurial lifecycle.

What We Look For

Revolution seeks to partner with passionate entrepreneurs upending traditional industries with innovative products and services where we believe our unique areas of specialized expertise will help create significant value.

And we look outside of Silicon Valley to find such opportunities. Nearly 75 percent of all venture capital investment goes to just three states: California, New York, and Massachusetts. At Revolution, we focus on venture communities in high-potential geographies because we know from experience that while talent is well distributed, opportunity is not.

What We Look For

How We Partner

Passionate entrepreneurs are the driving force behind transformative change. When we invest, we invest in the team and work together to actively build a successful company. Our leadership teams have worked together for decades to create value for our portfolio through relationships with countless executives, investors, and board members.

Policy Support

Headquartered in D.C., we are uniquely capable of helping founders navigate the policy and regulatory landscape. Our unparalleled access to policy makers positively impacts our deal flow and value creation. By actively engaging with startup ecosystems across the country, we have built a proprietary network of business, academic, and civic relationships that has proved invaluable to our companies as they expand.

Policy Support

Revolution and its Companies

At Revolution, our geographic and sector diverse approach means we work with entrepreneurs all over the country who are at the forefront of their industries. Companies in our portfolio are tackling supply chain and logistic challenges, making healthy food options more widely available, innovating in the retail and consumer space, disrupting the healthcare system, leading the way in digital sports and entertainment, and more. We believe great companies can start and scale anywhere, aided by the fact that startups in emerging venture communities are often more capital efficient, offer a lower cost of doing business, and attract talent looking for better quality of life.