ePals (R) Announces World Elections Center for Students Around the Globe

ePals Corporation, an education media company and the world’s leading safe social learning network, today announced the launch of the ePals World Elections Center, designed to involve students in a range of interactive activities to help them learn bout election processes, candidates and issues globally.

Interactive and Student-Centered The ePals World Elections Center includes projects and activities for both whole-class and independent learning and reinforce problem-solving, critical thinking and the cultural awareness emphasized in the new Common Core Standards. Amongthe multimedia offerings available for students to explore are videoson: the recent French presidential inauguration; the campaign trailwith 2012 Venezuelan presidential candidates; and the U.S. Republicanand Democratic National Conventions. Students can also tap into a variety of safe social media features that enable collaborative projects, discussion forums around election topics, quizzes, polls,and other interactive communication elements.

Encouraging Student Voices A primary area of the World Elections Center is Students Speak where students can share their thoughts and feelings about the elections, leaders and issues in their countries with peers around the world. Student voices are showcased through avariety of media including writing, artwork and videos. In this area students can create collages illustrating the candidates’ platforms, videotape a reading of an original poem about peace, or craft a persuasive essay explaining their personal political position. Special Challenge sections ask students to craft election slogans, campaign rules or a video-based Presidential Minute, where they have60 seconds to address the leader of their country with advice, concerns and issues of importance to their families. For examples of Presidential Minute challenge videos created by students for past elections, visit: http://www.epals.com/worldelections/?studentsspeak

Classroom Projects and Teacher Support Making it easy for teachers to integrate the World Elections Center into the curriculum is aTeachers’ Corner where educators from around the world can find partners for collaborative projects on a range of election-related topics. Sample projects include exploring primary election issues, researching candidates’ viewpoints, and looking at the U.S.presidential campaign from a global perspective. Students can also get a kid-to-kid viewpoint on leadership through projects where they research and share detailed information on their country’s candidates and how their current leaders came into power. Independent investigations can also be part of projects, with students interviewing parents and grandparents to learn about their immigration stories and how these affect their attitudes towards candidates and issues.

International Curricular Focus Additional elements of the World Elections Center include Fact Pages for countries that have had or will have Presidential elections in 2012. Fact Pages include detailed curricular material focusing on each country’s political structure including its form of government, election processes, terms of office, voting regulations, predictions, and result implications. Countries with elections in 2012 include the Russian Federation, theU.S., Taiwan, Mexico, Slovenia, Gabon, South Korea, France, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, and more.

“Every teacher understands the power of the teachable moment,” says Nina Zolt, ePals Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer. “The World Elections Center provides a terrific opportunity for students around the globe to explore, communicate with peers and generally become involved in 2012 elections and issues around the world that will have a direct impact on their futures.”

To learn more about the ePals World Election Center, visit http://www.epals.com/worldelections

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