Revolution Ventures


Revolution Ventures focuses on early stage venture capital investments in technology-enabled businesses that disrupt existing, multi-billion dollar industries where we have confidence in the entrepreneur, are excited by the product or service concept, and believe there is an attractive investment opportunity.  

We enjoy the opportunity to build from the beginning a true partnership with the founders and management teams of our companies, so that we can have maximum impact on their paths to success.  This involvement can take many forms beyond just injecting capital; we work closely with companies to hone their business models, implement scale through business partnerships, develop infrastructure, broaden hiring choices, and share our experiences in developing world-class brands.


Steve CaseTige Savage, and David Golden lead Revolution Ventures. We work collaboratively on each Revolution Ventures company, bringing our unique skills, complementary talents, and personal commitment to partnering with entrepreneurs in all major facets of business-building. We collectively have many years of working with and building early-stage companies and realize the best entrepreneurs want to be helped and challenged, but not second guessed.


Revolution Ventures makes initial early-stage venture capital investments in companies, often in partnership with other top-tier investors, in amounts of less than $10 million. We typically lead early rounds of financing and participate as active Board members with a focus on strategy and developing a competitive position in the marketplace.


We look for business concepts that match our experience and interests.  These tend to be big disruptive ideas that attack areas of the consumer space that are ripe for reinvention and have the potential to rapidly scale to market leaders.  Businesses we would engage in could come from the consumer tech sector, media, entertainment, or other mass-market opportunities that offer a unique approach to tackling a staid category and grow into a significant consumer business.