Revolution Places


Revolution Places invests in unique real estate and hospitality opportunities. Revolution Places is creating a new model for travel and tourism that promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle and establishes a consumer brand that reflects those values. We invest in differentiated properties that have significant long-term development potential, and also in branded, lifestyle hospitality companies that have the opportunity to scale.


Philippe Bourguignon leads Revolution Places. He was co-CEO of the Davos-based World Economic Forum in 2003, 2004. Previously, as chairman and CEO of Club Mediterranee, and worked with Disney in several capacities, including executive vice president of Disney Europe, and chairman and CEO of Euro Disney. He is very engaged and hands on with the business we invest in.


Our typical investment is in the $25-50 million range, and we are usually the majority shareholder. We are usually involved as a Board member with a focus on strategy and developing a competitive position in the marketplace.


Revolution Places' approach is to create unique, authentic experiences that can become treasured memories that last a lifetime - and build large businesses in the process.