Exclusive Resorts introduces Portico

Congratulations to the Exclusive Resorts team on the introduction of Portico, a new private club that provides access to a growing portfolio of incredible luxury vacation homes in the world’s best destinations, combined with personalized pre-trip planning and expert concierge service, all at members-only prices up to 50% below market rates.

Exclusive Resorts CEO and Revolution Places’ Vice Chairman Philippe Bourguignon shared more about the market opportunity for Portico in a recent interview with Fortune:

This is not about growing an existing market — this is creating a new market. Today, if you want to go on a luxury vacation, you have basically two choices. You can go to a hotel and you know what you will get. Most hotel brands have a wide selection of destinations, but they basically all offer the same service. Your other choice is renting a vacation home, where you obviously have more space for yourself and your family, but you don’t have the service that you would find at a hotel. You might have a housekeeper, you might not. It’s not predictable and consistent. We strongly believe there is a market in the middle where so many people want to have that consistent and more predictable experience with better service. Portico gives you hotel experience in a big nice luxury villa.

Be sure to check out their website at www.porticoclub.com for great photos of some of their amazing destinations, and “Like” them on Facebook to keep up to date on the club’s rollout.