CollegeOnTrack™ and BenchPrep Collaborate to Offer Test Preparation

Standardized tests are a serious concern for high school administrators and students. Poor results can affect teacher and principal evaluations in states with waivers from No Child Left Behind’s rigorous testing requirements. They can also force students to forgo applications to top colleges or miss financial aid opportunities.

Pamela Ellis, founder of Compass Education Strategies LLC, said in U.S. News’ Education blog, “The weight of standardized test scores relative to other pieces of the application can range from 0 to 80 percent.”

That’s why schools are keenly interested in helping students boost their scores. Many schools use CollegeOnTrack with their 5th- through 12th-graders to build college and career readiness with lesson plans, digital portfolios, student assessments, and grade books. Now they can also offer standardized test preparation to their students, thanks to a new collaboration with BenchPrep.

BenchPrep is a fast-growing company which has helped more than half a million students. The company converts education material from over 30 publishers, including McGraw Hill and Princeton Review, into web-based learning experiences. Their expertise lies in building student engagement through interactivity, work analysis, and feedback. A BenchPrep study of 10,000 students showed scores can increase by 16% as a result. Read the full media release HERE.