Revolution Places will develop a major resort destination in Cacique, Costa Rica. Located on the northwest coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and spanning 650 acres, the new luxury resort community will integrate some of the industry's most prestigious brands.

The development of Cacique, Costa Rica will feature highest-end services and amenities with a focus on intelligent, environmentally friendly designs that reduce energy and water demand and take advantage of spatial, wind and solar patterns to maximize natural ventilation, shade and daylight. Cacique, Costa Rica will establish a comprehensive recycling and solid waste management program to neutralize the impact of this development on the surrounding environment. Additionally, Cacique will create on-site treatment facilities to re-use wastewater and will purchase its electrical power for the community from renewable sources. World-class architecture and design will be integrated with indigenous traditions, environment and materials, to create an experience that is second-to-none and authentically Costa Rican.

Revolution Places will also offer a limited number of for-sale real estate products on the entire 650-acre peninsula. Ownership will be extraordinary and revolutionary. By thoughtfully designing and developing under best-of-breed master architectural and resort community planning standards, the resort will offer the real estate owner and their guests the highest level of personalized services and complete access to resort amenities.