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July 2, 2014 - Entrepreneur - Let’s face it, tech startups are today’s media and investor darlings. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and Coin are continuing to scale and dominate headlines. Overlooked by many, though, is a crop of consumer product startups, innovating under the radar well outside the tech ecosystem, that is equally deserving of both capital and media attention. Only 4 percent of total venture capital in 2013 went to investments in consumer according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ and the National Venture Capital Association’s MoneyTree Report, flat from the year prior. There may be change in the wind as investors start to feel tech fatigue and follow the lead of some of tech’s royalty.
June 30, 2014 - PandoDaily - The Nashville fireside chat is a far cry from its Rise of the Rest tour predecessors. The audience sits in a pristine carpeted room, on the 28th floor of a corporate sky rise, looking out through wall to ceiling windows on the greenery of the city. In the distance, the Titans football stadium looms. Prior fireside chats had taken place in scrappy refurnished warehouses and little enclaves off of accelerator buildings. Likewise, the Nashville crowd couldn’t be more different from their Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Detroit counterparts. In the previous cities’ fireside chats, the founders were there in droves, soaking up all the knowledge they could glean from Case’s pep-talk-cum-advisory-sessions.
June 30, 2014 - Bloomberg TV - AOL Founder Steve Case visits Detroit to begin his "Rise of the Rest Road Trip," a tour to celebrate startups and accelerate investment in four cities not widely known as hubs of innovation. Bloomberg's Betty Liu joins Case and also speaks with Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert about Detroit's economic outlook.
June 27, 2014 - PandoDaily - It’s fitting that of all the stops on Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest tour, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce chose to join up in Cincinnati. It is, after all, a place where corporate America meets the startup world. The two converge, clash, cooperate, compete, help each other, hurt each other, and generally exist in a fucked up synergistic relationship. They represent both sides of America’s economic past and future, and as we covered, Penny Pritzker was there taking it all in. (In case you missed it, here’s our rundown on the Detroit and Pittsburgh stops).
June 27, 2014 - Fox Business Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton - Revolution founder and former AOL CEO Steve Case on encouraging entrepreneurship across America.
June 27, 2014 - Reuters peHUB - AOL co-founder Steve Case has pledged $100,000 to Pittsburgh-based startup SolePower, which has developed technology to store human motion-generated energy in a battery that can be used to charge electronic devices. Case’s pledge came during his visit to Pittsburgh to tout the city’s entrepreneurial spirit.
June 26, 2014 - Bloomberg TV - Revolution Co-Founder Chairman and CEO Steve Case discusses investing in U.S. start-ups outside of Silicon Valley on “In The Loop.”
June 26, 2014 - PandoDaily - One day later and the energy on Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest tour has made a 180. He stands in front of a packed warehouse space in Pittsburgh, addressing a rather solemn, serious crowd. “It’s not as bad as Detroit, but you have lost half your population,” Case chastises. “It’s not a good thing. There’s still work to be done.” Heads nod in assent. It’s a far different scene from the raucous cheers and hooting and hollering of the small Detroit gathering the day prior.
June 25, 2014 - PandoDaily - Late at night down the Ohio turnpike, a giant bus emblazoned with a red logo forges through the rain. It stands out on the highway filled with trucks and cars going about their business in the midwest. At first glance, the tour bus looks like it might house some famous rockstar trekking across Middle America. Not quite. It’s housing a tech rock star from the 1990s, his crew, with yours truly as the only journalist aboard. The name gives away how un-rock-and-roll we are: RISE OF THE REST: ROAD TRIP WITH STEVE CASE.
June 25, 2014 - FOX Business - Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker will join the “Rise of the Rest” road tour Thursday as it stops in Cincinnati, Ohio. The tour, intended to bring attention to emerging startup hubs, will wrap up in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, having held events earlier in the week in Detroit, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Penn. “Rise of the Rest” is the brainchild of Revolution CEO and Chairman Steve Case, the former CEO of AOL. Case and Pritzker both serve as members of the Obama Administration’s Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) initiative.
June 24, 2015 - Forbes - America Online co-founder Steve Case knows not every great idea comes from Silicon Valley or New York, and this week he’s putting his own money at risk in four cities where start-up business activity is often overlooked. Case is bringing his “Rise of the Rest” tour to Detroit today, then continuing by bus to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Nashville. In each city, he’ll meet with innovators and entrepreneurs and then take part in a start-up business pitch competition. He’ll invest $100,000 in the winning company in each city.
June 23, 2014 - MarketWatch - The Wall Street Journal - Detroit has had some votes of confidence lately. On Tuesday, Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and the chairman and chief executive of Revolution LLC, a Washington-based venture-capital firm, will kick-start his “Rise of the Rest” road trip in Detroit. He will announce a $100,000 prize for the winner of his pitch competition, before awarding a $100,000 prize to a company in each of these cities: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Nashville. Last month, J.P. Morgan Chase, the country’s biggest bank, announced a $100 million investment in Detroit over the next five years. Last year, Google named Detroit a key tech hub.