DC Inno 50 on Fire Finalists

D.C. is packed with talent. Entrepreneurs in the tech community are building innovative businesses that are elevating our hub and solving big problems – from facilitating public transportation to reducing waste in excess inventory to changing the way we think about fast food. The growth this city experiences every passing year is not only commendable but it is something we should actively highlight. And that is precisely what DC Inno is celebrating with its annual 50 on Fire awards. This year, we are proud to announce that several Revolution team members and founders and employees at our portfolio companies made the list of the 150 finalists.

DC Inno 50 on Fire Finalists:

  • Donn Davis, Cofounder, Revolution and Cofounder and Managing Partner, Revolution Growth
  • Ted Leonsis, Cofounder, Revolution Growth and Founder and CEO, Monumental Sports Entertainment
  • Anna Mason, Director of Rise of the Rest Investments, Revolution
  • Susan Tynan, Founder and CEO, Framebridge
  • Adam Vitarello and Toby Moore, Cofounders, Optoro